Fertiliser Products

GBP Qld is able to supply various granular and liquid fertiliser products within Queensland and New South Wales. We are the distributors for various suppliers of quality products in central Queensland in particular. If you require a quote for product including freight, please call the office to discuss your needs. Phone 0438 395 255.

Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS)

NTS have a full range of more than 100 products with 60 organically certified products. A complete list will be available on request. Phone 0438 395 255.

Advanced Nutrients

Full range of liquid and granular fertiliser products - more detail soon.


Bio-Nutrient Solutions

Full range of liquid fertiliser products - more details soon.

Coming soon - call 0438 395 255 or

email: mick@grazingbestprac.com.au

Based in Rockhampton, we're proud to service Queensland and New South Wales