Grazing BestPrac - Vision


Our Vision for "GBP Qld"

We are supporting, partnering, training and developing families, organizations, and individuals within the grazing industry to achieve grazing industry BestPractice (world class standards) in relation to its people, environment, business and production systems.

Our Vision for Agriculture

Our future agricultural industies are typified by rural families, individuals and organisations working together to develop continuously improving healthy ecosystems, which in turn create happy healthy families and highly productive and profitable businesses.

Our Purpose

We are a conduit for information flow between the grazing community, business, research, government agencies and other involved organizations. Our focus is to create exciting, proactive, highly successful rural families and communities, by means of training, facilitating, partnering and assisting individuals and groups to achieve extraordinary outcomes. The people, the land, the livestock and the business are the four keys to managing for BestPractice in any environment. We aim for “World Best Practice”.

Good, Better, Best,

We shall never rest,

Until our good is better,

And our better is best (anon) .

Our Values are all about Attitude

Based in Rockhampton, we're proud to service Queensland and New South Wales