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Special Projects

GBP Qld has contracted specific services to many regional natural resource management groups, catchment management authorities, landcare groups, corporate and family businesses. GBP Qld have access to a highly skilled workforce including a number of subcontractors, other consulting agencies and part-time employees who are highly skilled to undertake most roles within agricultural services. If you have a requirement to meet specific guidelines, please phone 0438 395 255 to discuss your requirements.

Some of the NRM groups we have worked with include:

Mine / Resource Company Compensation

Many landholders have been seriously affected by resource company activity in the past five years. This affect includes:

GBP Qld can conduct an analysis of your business and demonstrate the impact of the resource company activities. This will put you back in the driver's seat. We can conduct thorough soil testing audits, pasture and crop assessments, carrying capacity measurements, yield monitoring, economic analysis audit and have access to professionals to assist you to present your case.

We believe any activity which adds a burden to your business should be compensated for by the resource company. So, if you have been affected or fear you are being treated poorly by a mining or resource company then please call GBP Qld on 0438 395 255.


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