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Direct drilling - Pasture Cropping

GBP Qld has developed the first prototype designed to plant cereal crops and pastures directly into existing pastures without stickraking, clearing or ploughing the existing pasture out. The planter unit has been developed in cooperation with Multi-Farming Systems (Banana, Qld) and Simplicity (Dalby Qld) and incorporates both granular fertiliser application and a liquid fertiliser injection application system. The planter is the next link in the "Technology of Growing Grass" methodology which GBP have pioneered to assist farmers and graziers to improve their pasture productivity and profitability.

The planter is 5 m wide, 11 hydraulic tynes, airseeder fertiliser and seed supply, onboard hydraulics, onboard 400 litre liquid tank, 12 volt sureflo pump.

Methodology -

Soil test to ascertain nutrient status and microbial status - required fertility program agreed.

Source legume and pasture/ cereal species required to improve pasture productivity.

Combine both liquid nutrients and granular nutrients and seeding in one operation.

The planter (direct drill) allows pastures to be planted with a minimum of fuss.

Watch the "Pasture Kropper" in action!

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