Best practices for miners - regeneration techniques

Regeneration of plant community

Rehabilitation Program for Plants and Soils
The Process – Rehabilitation is a multi‐level process which requires a detailed site assessment, establishment of short term, medium term and longer term plan for re‐establishment of a healthy soil and plant community. In the past, many organisations have attempted to improve site health by considering one of the three key parameters in isolation of the other interlocking parameters.
In many situations, grazed ecosystems may be degraded by the ongoing unmanaged grazing of individual plants (continuous grazing) whereby plants are constantly exposed to livestock and/or native marsupials. In the continuous graze situation plants are constantly exposed to mouths that re‐bite regenerating plants before they are ready and gradually degrade a plant community, one plant at a time. This system often causes spot or patch degradation leading to larger scale
degradation of paddocks and catchments in following years.
Regeneration is often deemed necessary when plant and soil communities are seriously degraded or when a specific mining or industrial process has removed soil and plant communities and rendered the ecosystem inoperable. The following summary outlines the process required for successful rehabilitation. (This is a pasture plant establishment model and does not include rehydration of the landscape)


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